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The Penguin wouldn’t be anything without our fabulous team of contributors! We’d love for you to join us–  just email!

Andrew Nissen is a trombonist originally from Sydney, Australia. Completing a graduate degree at New England Conservatory, he is passionate about the future of classical music and where the trombone fits within it. The editor of The Penguin for this year, Andrew studies with Toby Oft and Stephen Lange of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

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Classical guitarist Raley Beggs remains passionate about sharing and enlivening the rich traditions of the guitar. Currently pursuing his Masters under esteemed artist and performer Eliot Fisk, Raley has found a suitable podium at New England Conservatory for which to share the music of his instrument. Raley performs widely throughout the Greater Boston Area as a soloist and chamber musician, and is an active member of the Community Performances and Partnerships Program (CPP). In addition to being a performer, he also enjoys writing for the conservatory newspaper “The Penguin” and running unreasonably long distances.

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Isabella Dawis is a first-year Undergraduate Diploma student in voice, a Community Performances and Partnerships Teaching Fellow, and an accompanist for the chorus department. She is from Minneapolis, Minnesota and was raised on a diet of Spam and Prince.

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Stephen Garman is a second-year graduate student in bassoon performance. He enjoys long walks on short piers, trimming reeds, and holds a private pilot certificate with a glider rating.

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Akenya is a senior in the jazz voice department. In addition to writing for The Penguin, she is Vice-President of the African-American Student Union, and founder of the benefit concert NEC: Underground and Scholarship Students 4 Students.

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