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2nd Year – MM French Horn




For those of you returning to Boston and NEC, welcome back! And for those who are starting their first year, welcome to the team!

Last year, I remember sitting in Jordan Hall with the pipe organ towering above and being surrounded by a sea of students before convocation. People were smiling and the laughter echoed all around making it so contagious my face started to hurt. The faculty and staff appear on stage one by one creating a tidal wave of cheering and hollering in the audience. I knew then this wasn’t any ordinary school.

A special part of NEC is the community. Faculty, staff, students and alumni come together creating what feels like a giant basketball team. The ball is generously passed around. Each time it’s touched brings a new perspective and opportunity to take the shot. Passion drives this operation and we perform freely from a supported belief in one another. You sink a three pointer, “Woohoo! Nice shot!” You miss an easy layup, “No worries. Keeping on going!”

We are hear for each other in pursuit of our dreams and that’s what makes us stronger. Wherever we go, we’re not alone. When we walk out on stage for an audition or into an office for a job interview, following are hundreds of people from the NEC community that have given us the support to grow into who we are as people and musicians.

This is our team, saying “Go for it! Take the risk!” Our branches reach out far and wide, connecting us to communities which are connected to other communities that connect us to society and so on which ultimately connects us to the world. The ability to have an impact is a lot greater than we usually believe.

But the NEC community has helped me realize this potential and it all starts right here and now. Thank you to the NEC community for opening up my eyes to what is possible and deepening my love for music.

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful summer and here’s to a great school year!



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