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Kaya_Profileby NESLIGÜL KAYA
Continuing Ed. ’14



Painting by Yuri Shtapakov

Enheduanna—is my name.
I lived four thousand years ago,
on the land between Euphrates and Tigris
Mesopotamia gave birth to me,
just like she gave birth to
Sumer and Akkad civilisations.
First, there was Sumer;
the civilization flourished
six thousand years ago…
Sumerians were the first people
to invent writing,they used clay tablets.
Did you know that?
Then came Akkadians.
I lived in the time of the Akkadian Empire.
Many people were bilingual at the time;
they spoke both Sumerian and Akkadian.
Although I did not have to, I chose to learn Sumerian.
And I wrote poetry.
I—Enheduanna—am an Akkadian princess
and the high priestess of the Moon God Nanna
in the Sumerian city of Ur.
I composed forty two hymns…
I am the first composer in the world, that you know of.
Enheduanna—is my name.
Mesopotamia gave birth to me.

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