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Pops Percussionist Botches “Sleigh Ride”

Lockhart Cracks Whip!

Second-year BM Oboe


It’s that time of year again; Boston’s icy winds threaten to tear off your face every time you set foot outside, Christmas decorations go up all over the city, and the Boston Pops put their noses to the grindstone for a month of holiday pops concerts. It’s a magical time of the year.

But not all was magical last weekend at Symphony Hall, when the slap stick player missed his entrance in Sleigh Ride, ruining the entire performance. In case you haven’t willingly listened to Sleigh Ride since December 2008, the sound of a whip is the biggest solo part in the entire piece. Leroy Anderson writes for the orchestra to drop out for an entire beat, leaving the whip all alone (ba-da dum, bum bum bum bum, bum bum bum BUM…..*CRACK* ba-daah, etc.).



There was a bare, silent gap in the Pops’ performance during which maestro Keith Lockhart gave the percussionist a death-glare, which caused the musician to drop his instrument and miss the second whip crack. The concert inexplicably continued, and the percussionist picked up the clacker and nailed his last few entrances of the number, barely salvaging the experience for the audience.

After that performance, Lockhart demanded that the orchestra rehearse Sleigh Ride again and again, to make sure the whip cracks were always in the right place. It is estimated that during this week, the Pops rehearsed the piece more than they had rehearsed it in the past ten years combined.

Musicians trudged out of the rehearsals, complaining that they just couldn’t get that jazzy variation out of their heads. However, since that awful performance, all the Pops’ holiday concerts have been spectacular, and the whip player hasn’t missed an entrance since.

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