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Take cover! Valentine’s day is next week, and for many, “Singles Awareness Day” (SAD) is a loathed, pointless event, second only to Columbus Day. But our conservatory is a very social environ­ment, one for which we are better outfitted than surrounding institutions like BU and Northeastern. The latter have modern facilities, computers, elevators, and automatic doors that oper­ate too quickly to be socially useful, and these devices reflect the busy society in which we live, one in which being a blasé urbanite is easy. As far as this writer is concerned, these urban­ites are missing out.

Such holdovers from the industrial revolution like NEC elevators are commonly bypassed vehicles that can fill the gap that a companionless romantic feels with new, ex­citing platonic and romantic relationships. Consider the outrageous time it takes for the doors to close (just give it a minute….at least…) as a chance to be outgoing. All it takes is a creepy smile directed at the many winded passersby tackling the stairs to impart your good nature on random strangers.



A suggestion to the winded passersby: Catch your breath and creepily smile at the trapped souls in the elevator. They should have taken the stairs.

See, there is beauty in our pre-Schoenberg eleva­tors. From the time you call the main Jordan Hall eleva­tor to the time you reach your intended floor (1 minute and 29 seconds from basement to the third floor, by the way), those generally timid in nature have ample opportunity to create a little fellowship, and this writer can think of no better conversation fodder than shared laziness. It takes almost no time for beautiful friendship to spawn, and if you are going up more than one or two floors you might even be able to set up date number two.

If anybody knows about elevators (“lifts”) bringing you down, it is the students of The Royal Academy of Music, in London. The institution boasts nearly an identical enrollment as NEC, within an entire campus the size of Jordan Hall. In many ways they are our twin conservatory. But in a sense they are bet­ter off because their only elevator has the footprint of a Yamaha P-22 and moves slower than a Beethoven Largo. No institution is so tightly wound as they, and studio incest is through the roof, no doubt because the best way to reach their seventh floor mid­day is in someone else’s very personal bubble. Upon entering the main foyer of RAM, outsiders are immediately embraced by the powerful vibe of diverse and uncommonly friendly musicians who needed to be someplace five minutes ago. Ascending six other floors is no quick task, and if the lift is at the top when called, one may as well grab a coffee with friends from the canteen. There’s time. Once, a student summoned the lift from the basement, stepped into the academy’s bar and polished off a pint before the lift arrived. He was Scottish.

But I digress! The point, my friends, is not that one of the hundreds of “main­tenance” rooms in the Jordan Hall basement would not be missed were it to be turned into a social establishment for the many thirsty, responsible, of-age students of NEC. Regard­less of whether you are single or spoken for next Thursday, the best moments to show kindness towards your likewise romantically-doomed brethren are sometimes veiled by little inconveniences. Furthermore, I encourage you to demonstrate your appreciation, however big or small, for others not just next Thursday, but year-round. Start with something innocent like an elevator ride and have a Happy Valentine’s Day. Now, where’s that stop button?

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Dew-drops feed rose buds
In the Garden of Eden
Heaven on our minds

A woman curtsies
As spring blossoms in her eyes
And love quakes her heart

An athlete dies young
The living carry the strong
As souls drift down Styx

Fireflies dance by
Under a summertime sky
As day folds to night

Blue birds fly away
Chocolate satisfies me
Streams of consciousness





so unfulfilled
so misunderstood
needing comfort
needing strength

day after day
passing by and by
like a river, a soft wind
slowly finding meaning

suddenly, a glimpse
you see different faces
a mother, a father,
a friend, your other half,
an acquaintance, a stranger

What do these creatures hold in their hearts for us?
they hold

kindness, beauty,
freedom, truth

and above all things, they hold
what completes who we are
they hold


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Zodiac of the Month

Aquarius (JAN 20-FEB 18)



Are you feeling a sense of unpredictability in the atmo­sphere? Are your days tinged with aloof undertones, overwhelming eccentricities, or the constant conflict of whether to walk on the path of righteousness or drift into the weird and ever-probing unknown?

It may be due to the fact that Sun has once again made that transition into the constellation known as Aquarius. Yes, our water-bearing humanitarians’ time has come again. Known for their inventiveness and for being ahead of the curve, Aquarians usually are drawn to ca­reer fields such as politics, science, and the arts. Though their path is not always clear, to them or to others, they manage to find their way due to their general charisma and captivating intellect. Or maybe because they’re able to tap into the beyond, far beyond where most of us are willing or able to go.

Fun Fact: Did you know that our very own New England Conservatory is an Aquarius?! That’s right! NEC official­ly opened February 18, 1867. Guess that explains both the innovation and quirkiness that ensues here.





POSITIVE TRAITS: Independent, Forward-thinking, Creative, Witty, Philanthropic, Amiable

NEGATIVE TRAITS: Eccentric, Rebellious, Sarcastic, Stubborn, Egocentric, Detached


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Composer)

Django Reinhardt (Jazz Guitarist)

Etta James (Blues and R&B Singer)

Antonio Carlos Jobim (Bossa Nova Pioneer)

Stan Getz (Jazz Composer/Saxophonist)

Bob Marley (Reggae Singer/Songwriter)

Alicia Keys (R&B and Pop Singer/Songriter)

Justin Timberlake (Pop Singer/Dancer)

Dr. Dre (Hip-Hop Producer/Mogul)

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