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Composers in the Kitchen

Sarah Atwod

2nd Year – MM Violin




Rumor has it that Niccolo Paganini was a virtuoso in the kitchen, as well as onstage. He has a famous ravioli recipe to prove it. Although Jean Sibelius did not compose during the latter part of his life, he did take the time to concoct a punch recipe. Gioachino Rossini was both a philosopher and connoisseur of food, who wrote recipes for the adventurous chef. Bartok was intrigued by halibut and avocado, and Beethoven (allegedly) loved the German version of macaroni-and-cheese. Were these composers maestros of taste, as well as sound? Here is just one recipe that was composed to whet your appetite (feel free to interpret the more exotic ingredients as needed).





Seeing as how Rossini and Paganini were friends, perhaps they had evenings of cooking together – an enticing notion to be sure, but alas, improbable. Paganini’s recipe is not for the faint of heart, however. Apologies to the vegetarians — it’s unproven as of yet whether tofu can adequately substitute for an entire calf’s brain. Don’t feel like searching for borage at Shaw’s? Intimidated by the idea of eating a calf’s brain? If you’re not prepared to head up to the eighth floor of the Residence Hall or go home to your apartment and try out that recipe, don’t despair! We’ve got our own masterful recipe for Ravioli. Ready to get started?






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