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First-year MM Violin



Everyone can feel it, everyone yearns for it, and everyone expresses it in different ways. Love can be beautiful, funny, cheesy, serious, sad, and painful (sometimes all at once!). Love, and being in love are separate things; semantics aside, the love you feel for your dog versus your partner are obviously different — but both are valid.

You know how some super-small people can eat seven full servings of dinner and you wonder where it all goes? I wonder that about love. I think people have infinite space inside themselves for all different kinds of love. Parents who have a second child somehow expand, so that they can love the second just as much as the first. The great phenomenon of love can be expressed through pretty much any medium.

As musicians, we’re pretty lucky that we have the outlet of music and art. This month of pink and confetti and valentines may not be your cup of tea, but try to celebrate whatever love you have in your life in some shape or form (Buying chocolate for your roommate counts)! So have fun experiencing love, and save a little to last the rest of the year too:)


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